Lake Oswego Carpet Cleaning

Funny story that just happened a couple of days ago.  A previously client called me in desperation because she had her carpets cleaned by Stanley Steamer and she said the carpets look no better than they did before they were cleaned.  She said she was so sorry that she went with another company because they were slightly cheaper.  She also said she would never do it again and that she has recommended us to several of her family and friends because of the quality work that we perform.  At A+ Carpet Cleaning we are truly invested in our work and we really do care about the quality of work that we perform.  Sometimes with the larger chains you are not sure who may be arriving at your home, that person may be new or may be well trained but not really have the quality that you are looking for.  Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to talk bad about other companies it’s just that I have heard so many horror stories and you just don’t know the kind of quality that you will receive.  With our company we do have a high standard and quality is what we are all about.