Lake Oswego Carpet Cleaners at their best

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We not only clean carpets we clean upholstery, area rugs, air ducts, as well as do carpet repairs and re-stretching.  Get all your carpet and rug cleaning needs done as well as air ducts with one call.  We do not sub out our work, we do it all ourselves and we are thoroughly trained and expert in each field.

Recent Review from Angie’s List

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“I could not have been more impressed with A+ Carpet Cleaning from start to finish! We bought a home, and needed to have the carpets cleaned and stretched. We discovered it is rare to find one company that will do both. I used Angie’s List to find a highly rated company.

Mike and his wife Tikki make a great pair. She was really helpful on the phone helping me understand what to expect. When Mike arrived, he actually found significant damage from cat urine. It was a total shock, and if it hadn’t been for his guidance, we would have been even more upset. He walked us through the process of salvaging as much as we could and helped us with a game plan for cleaning the rest. He went WAY above and beyond helping us. When I saw the final cleaning job, I was honestly blown away.

After the stress of the “discovery”, when I walked into the house and discovered beautifully clean carpets throughout I actually cried (from happiness). There were a couple of rooms that I thought would have to be replaced, and really wasn’t that hopeful they could be restored. They look brand new and his expert cleaning saved us thousands of additional $$. Thank you so much for being the best carpet cleaning company we have ever worked with!” – H.S. Lake Oswego

A recent review from one of our Yelp clients

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I am blown away – I had Kevin McCarthy come out for us with A+ carpet cleaning and he cleaned our apartment on February 15th, 2016.

He arrived early. (With a phone call beforehand to inform us of his ETA)

He arrived uniformed – we are talking a polo shirt tucked into some work pants. Very clean cut and professional. Arrived with a smile and jumped out of his van and shook my hand.

So first impression was super good.

Then onto the work – he took a look at the carpet and realized that is was pretty soiled, so he offered me the cleaning kit with heavy soil. I accepted. We signed and he got to work.

Now I actually left at this point for a business dinner (Which is  testimonial to how much I trusted him and to show how he works even when I’m not around)

I returned to my apartment to find it AMAZING!

I can NOT express how much attention to detail he used. For instance, along my kitchen there is a THIN strip of carpet that I never expected Kevin to clean, but he even got that! And he went above and beyond for me in every area with a fair price.

Truly thankful to see a small business that cares. Answers the phone. Has honesty. Has integrity.

A+ I confidently and highly recommend Kevin and Mike @ A+ Carpet Cleaning.

Recent Review from a customer in Lake Oswego

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“Kevin was awesome.  He worked very, very hard and did a beautiful job!  One of our two areas was quite soiled, but Kevin was able to bring the carpet back to life in short order. I was amazed.   He even went over the larger room a second time to ensure most of the moisture was removed, and we had a time-sensitive situation (new home owners moving into the home the next day). I would definitely use A+ again.”  – Greg N.   Lake Oswego

A+ Carpet Cleaning – Who we are

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We are a small family owned business caring for the personal needs of our clients.  Mike started carpet cleaning in 1990.  He is licensed bonded and insured as well as licensed with the construction contractor’s board so he can perform carpet repairs and re-stretching.  We hired Kevin 3 years ago and he has proven to be a huge asset to our company as he cares for our clients like we would.  Call us today to find out why we are one of the best quality carpet cleaners in the Lake Oswego, Portland area receiving the Angie’s List Super Service Award 10 years in a row.

Lake Oswego Carpet Cleaning

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Funny story that just happened a couple of days ago.  A previously client called me in desperation because she had her carpets cleaned by Stanley Steamer and she said the carpets look no better than they did before they were cleaned.  She said she was so sorry that she went with another company because they were slightly cheaper.  She also said she would never do it again and that she has recommended us to several of her family and friends because of the quality work that we perform.  At A+ Carpet Cleaning we are truly invested in our work and we really do care about the quality of work that we perform.  Sometimes with the larger chains you are not sure who may be arriving at your home, that person may be new or may be well trained but not really have the quality that you are looking for.  Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to talk bad about other companies it’s just that I have heard so many horror stories and you just don’t know the kind of quality that you will receive.  With our company we do have a high standard and quality is what we are all about.